Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nutrition Facts for McDonalds

I have posted nutrition facts for McDonald's menu items that contain less than 500 calories and less than 20 grams of fat, with complete nutrition facts on my Food and Exercise Log blog. If interested, check it out. It may come in handy to print off!


  1. Thanks Tammy! I may be all over that kiddie cone. ;)

  2. That takes confidence to post your weekly weight...I am not sure I would want that kind of accoutnability. Good luck with your goals. Running and losing weight is one thing, but running and training is another. If I am actively working towards a race, it is hard for me to calorie count -- and I have been doing a lot of it lately.

    BTW -- havent forgotten about my seven traits. Still working on it!


  3. Wow, lots of choices! I think they may outdo Subway (my favorite fast food).

  4. John, McDonald's does have lots of choices, but at least Subway's subs are bigger, lol.

    NY Wolve, the ONLY thing that is keeping me on track is putting myself out there. Haha, for me I need the accountability. If I think I have people watching me and expecting me to do well, then I will try harder. You guys inspire me to be the best I can be!