Monday, June 1, 2009

Long run #3 - 7 miles

Yesterday's long run was my longest this year. I worked 10-6, then ran afterwards on the Kanawha Terrace in St. Albans. I usually like to do my long runs on the Kanawha Blvd, but I was running out of daylight. Running on the Terrace is a lot harder. It has lots of inclines, a bridge, and a very steep hill. Needless to say, I am in much better shape when I run the Terrace on a regular basis. I drank lots of water at work in anticipation, and sent my tech to Fazoli's to get me a small spaghetti towards the end of my shift. I have to say I felt a little tired. I never really understood what it really meant when people would say that their legs felt heavy, until yesterday. My legs definitely felt heavy and my calves were aching a little at the beginning. The thing that bothered me the most was that my knees started noticeably aching around mile five. I don't recall them hurting much during my last two 6-mile runs, but those runs were on the Boulevard, which is relatively flat. Maybe those inclines and little hills put a lot more stress on my knees. Regardless of the reason, I'm hoping that with continued training, my knees won't bother me. I have to run 15 miles for the CDR, and my knees can't be aching for 10 of them. Other than my knees, I felt good. At the end, I knew I could go further if I needed to.

Next run: Tuesday - easy 2 miler
Total miles this week so far - 7


  1. Hey Tammy! Good run. Probably was the incline that made your legs feel tired. Might be good to do that run once a week or so to keep you use to it. Does the upcoming race you mentioned have hills? If so, this run will help prepare for them. Just take it easy and you'll get use to it. Be care on the downhills too to take it easy. Down hills can really get the ole quads. You're doing great!

  2. You are fast by my standards! I don't really do speed workouts. I do force myself to sprint during some of my runs, so I guess that counts a teeny tiny bit. I really need to do them, because I am tired of being slow. I have a hard time pushing myself to my absolute limit. I need to get over that and force myself to be (more) uncomfortable!