Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Case of the Lazies

Do you ever just feel like you don't want to run anymore?  I mean, I know this is something I shouldn't talk about, lol, but lately I have had this lazy feeling like that.  Like, sometimes I feel like running takes up a lot of my free time, when I could be doing "funner" things like hanging out with friends, watching football games, going to the mall, etc.  I'm sure most all of you who run regularly have to frequently tell friends/family you can't do something because you "have" to run.  They just don't understand, then I get asked why I just don't run tomorrow.  Haha!  I am running tomorrow, too!  Sorry.  I run 5 days per week, if I take an extra day off, I'm screwed and can't get my mileage in.  They just don't understand.  Anyways, I have been forcing myself out the door lately, against my will.  I have a half marathon to run November 1st, and I'm not just laying down and giving up because I don't "feel" like running.  I need to tough it out.  I know I will get out of this rut, it just really sucks while you're in it.  I'm so incredibly lucky to have friends on here and on dailymile to keep me going.  Thanks guys!

I ran a tempo run yesterday evening.  It was terrible.  Maybe I wouldn't have this "I don't want to run: feeling if my runs were good.  I was to run a 1 mile warmup, 4 miles at 9:35, and a 1 mile cooldown.  I could only manage 3 miles at tempo pace.  I think I took too much time off and ran too many lower mileage weeks since I tapered before the race the last week of August.  That pace seemed much too difficult yesterday, when just 3 weeks ago, I would've killed that!  My confidence definitely dropped yesterday.  I'm hoping that I bounce back pretty quick.  I'm sure I will after a few speed/tempo runs.  I'm supposed to run 10 miles today, but my Mountaineers are playing an evening game and it's hot and humid outside.  I might run it tomorrow morning.  If the sun goes away, I will TRY to get outside by 6:00 this evening so I can run and watch the game.  This chair is just so comfy!

Running stats:
Total miles: 6
Time: 1:02
Ave pace: 10:15


  1. i've definitely felt like that before, and then i also feel the same guilt about skipping! sometimes you just need an extra day or so off, and it works best if you don't beat yourself up for it. i just have to remind myself that running IS what i like to do for fun. i reminded myself yesterday that i can in fact get in a long run and still have plenty of time to relax, hang out, watch football, etc. (my schedule worked out very nicely).

    hey you still got in 3 tempo miles! was this your first tempo run since pre-CDR? even if it was your 2nd or 3rd, i think 3 miles is a great starting point.

    hit up your favorite route, put on a good playlist, go for a run with some runner friends? give yourself a fun, enjoyable run and maybe you'll find your mojo again. good luck! it's no fun being down in the running-dumps!

  2. I think we've all felt like that one time or another. Mix it up a bit do some exercise/run that screams fun, fun, fun! Find a fun run to do and invited your friends to join you run or walk it...then go get a great breakfast after!
    PS our poor 'eers! :(