Sunday, September 20, 2009

A redeeming long run

So, I had some crap runs last week.  I am still new to this racing thing, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel tapering before a race, running the race, then jumping back into training again.  My race was September 5th, then I took a week off with some recovery runs, then started back with a training plan this past week.  Every run this past week felt pretty bad.  Well, not too bad till I got to my tempo run Friday.  I felt like I had lost my endurance and speed.  But, I think maybe I was just having a bad run/ a bad week.  I had a 10 mile run scheduled for yesterday, which I ran today instead.  Considering my bad runs last week, I thought there was no way I could do a 10 miler, but I set out to do it anyways.  I secretly told myself I could stop at 8 if I needed to.  Well, I ended up having a great run!  To my surprise, my endurance/stamina was there and I was able to complete the run just fine and even pick it up a little in the middle.  That makes me so happy, and gives me some confidence.  My last post I was talking about how I felt like I didn't want to run anymore sometimes, but I think it's because I was getting burned out before my race and then had some bad runs afterward.  Honestly, long run days are my favorite.  I get to run at a nice, slow, comfortable pace and just enjoy my surroundings.  It definitely makes me feel a lot better when I have a good long run, and that carries me into the week on my next runs.

Running stats
Total miles: 10
Time: 2:02
Ave pace: 11:50 min/mile


  1. Just take each run one day at a time girl. You'll have lazy days and days where you feel sluggish. Totally normal. If you take a day off don't beat yourself up about it. You are doing great.

  2. hooray! glad you had a good run. those crappy ones sneak up on us every now and then, but thankfully most of the runs are at least 'ok', if not great :) keep hanging in there!

  3. Glad you had a good run! :)