Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Introduction to me

Well, this is my first ever post as a blogger! I will tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Tammy, and I was born and raised in Charleston, WV. I graduated from West Virginia University in 2008 with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. I work as a pharmacist in Charleston and I also get to provide diabetes education. I have been married for a year now to the absolute love of my life. I have a cat, a hamster, and two birds, lol. Everything but children! We are waiting about 5 more years for that! I am obsessed with makeup, in particular M.A.C. makeup, and I spend way too much money on it if you ask my husband!

Ok, so this is a blog about running, not pharmacy, or makeup, or being married!

I started running about a year ago as a way to lose weight. Unfortunately, I have not lost any weight, but I am trimmer and it definitely prevents me from gaining! If I can just control what I eat, I think I would be ok. Anyways, to keep myself running, I sign up for every local 5k, 10k, or whatever there is out there to sign up for. I usually run at least one race per month...that way I keep myself training. My best 5k time was 27:52. The very first 5k I ever ran was the 5k in the Charleston Distance Run last year, in which I ran it in 30:33.

So that brings me to the Charleston Distance Run (CDR). This has been a local race for the past 37 years. Like I said, I ran the 5K part of it last year, and this year I want to do the actual CDR - the 15 miler!! I think I may be crazy. There are a couple reasons I am running this race come September 5, 2009. One is that I really truly want to lose weight. I haven't been logging enough miles to make a difference in weight, and I can't get myself to log more miles on my own. So, signing up for a 15 miler is my committment to log more miles. Another reason I want to run the CDR is this might be the last year for this race. In an attempt to draw more people to the race, they are considering changing it to a half marathon and cutting out the 6 mile hill section, making it a flat half marathon. I want to be part of something that has been a tradition in our town, and be able to say that I ran it. Before it gets changed to a half marathon, that is.

So, there you have it - my background and why I'm running a 15 mile race.

Stay tuned!


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