Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Easy 2 miler with my new Garmin!

I FINALLY got my Garmin Forerunner 405 in today. I find Amazon Super Saving Shipping ridiculous because I placed my order on May 15 and just got it today. I know it's free shipping, but should it take that long?? Anyways, I was so excited to get it!

First impression out of the box: this thing is huge! I mean, I know I'm a girl and all, but I'm not a teeny tiny girl by any means. This watch is big. Wearing it anytime other than while running would be out of the question. Guys may be able to pull this off. I know Garmin is touting how this watch is smaller than previous versions and looks like a watch, but it is still bulky. I don't mind this, however, because of the valuable information it gives you.

Downloading the Garmin software and intalling the wireless stick took no time at all, and the watch linked to the wireless stick very quickly. The heart rate monitor also links up instantly. The software is nothing special. There is desktop software, and an online website that stores your runs, too. The online tool shows your exact route on a Google map, which is really cool.

As far as accuracy, it was spot on. I was concerned about its ability to hold a signal on the Kanawha Terrace because when I had satellite radio, it lost signal frequently on this road. Not the Garmin, though. Held signal the entire time, and was very accurate.

There are lots of bells and whistles on this thing, so I need to sit down and mess with the settings. I am very pleased with it! I was apprehensive about buying it because there are a lot of negative reviews about the watch out there. Now I realize the people that left poor reviews must not be technically savvy. You have to be good with electronics, or be able to read and understand the manual. If you can't do that, then you may have some problems. Bottom line, I love this watch!

Oh, and my 2 mile run was great!

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  1. Hey! The walk took me a little over 2 hours. I did it on the treadmill and watched Sex and the City! :-)