Thursday, April 1, 2010

A weekend full of mistakes

I have been following ediets now for 3 weeks. I was doing very well following the meal plan and not cheating, then this weekend I ran into problems. Friday evening, I fought the urge to eat chocolate chip cookies for hours. For some reason the late night hunger got the best of me, and I ate several cookies. I went over my calories about 500 calories Friday because of that.
Saturday, I went to a baby shower, and did remarkable well. I ate a balanced plate and stayed away from the dessert. However, Saturday evening was the Mountaineer basketball game. We went to the usual sports bar and I ate a horrible horrible meal of wings and fries!! I am kind of glad I did it, because it reminded me of how uncomfortably bloated and full I was all the time before I started ediets. I felt awful. I don't even want to think about how many calories I ate!
Sunday actually wasn't too bad. I went to the Chinese buffet, but stuck to vegetables, and stayed away from the breaded chicken in sauce. I did eat some lo mein. I was full, but not miserable. Overall, it was a weekend full of mistakes, and I ended up gaining 2 pounds back for my weigh-in today. Monday I got right back on track with my diet, but I guess it wasn't enough time to at least break even!

I have learned a couple of things from this weekend. Yes, if I completely deprive myself of the things that I enjoy the most, I am probably going to have some serious cravings and end up bingeing. I think that if I want to have something to eat, I should allow myself to have it, but within the realms of my calorie intake. If I want a cookie, I will have 1, but it gets counted. I was able to find some neat things at the grocery store Friday. Edy's makes little tiny ice cream containers that have about 160 calories in them. It's 1 serving and doesn't put too much of a hurtin on my diet. It's premeasured, so I am not tempted to underestimate exactly how much I ate out of a gallon size carton. I also found mini Cadbury eggs, that are only 45 calories each. Eating one of those would definitely satisfy my sweet tooth. Hopefully, these small changes will prevent me from bingeing. I need to work really hard this week to make up for my weight gain. The good thing is I'm not discouraged, and I'm moving on!

On the running front, I took a week off this week to let my ankle heal.  Today was the first day I woke up and it didn't hurt.  It's not 100%, but it's almost there.  Hopefully, it will be healed for the long run I have planned Sunday.  Since, I haven't been able to run, I have been very diligent about cross training this week.  My race was Saturday, then I went to the gym Tuesday night and biked 11 miles (45 minutes), then this morning I did the stairmaster for 25 minutes and biked 7 miles (25 minutes).  I didn't want to lose any cardio that I had built up.  I will probably take the day off tomorrow, then maybe try to run 2 miles Saturday to see how my ankle feels.


  1. Hope your ankle gets to feeling better! Let's go Mountaineers!!!

  2. Hey Tammy! Great post... and so true about depriving yourself.

    I hope your ankle heels up quick -- I hurt my knee training about a year ago and it's still not the same. :( Super bummer!

  3. Hi Tammy! Live and learn with food. Don't get down about it though. Like you said, learn from it and move on. We all have days like that. I do every single month at a certain time. I'm ravonous for days, it's ridiculous!

  4. Tammy! I think it is so human to slip up and binge. I think you're awesome for really watching and counting what you're eating. I think you're right. Don't deprive yourself of the stuff you love, eat it in moderation when you want it. Skinny Cow ice cream is actually really good too and even though they're wickedly small, 100 calorie packs are great to stash in your work drawer!

    I too hope your ankle starts feeling better!!