Friday, February 19, 2010

Where have I been??

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately!  The truth is, I have been running, just not blogging!  I think I am finally getting out of this winter funk, and really getting excited about running again.  I ran the 3rd race of the Winter Series on Valentine's Day.  It was a 10k.  I haven't run or trained much for any of the Winter Series runs, just enough to get through them.  Overall, my times were slower on each of these races this year compared to last year, but I actually trained last year.  Here are my times for last year and this year:

          2008-2009 Series         2009-2010 Series
5K          29:30                              29:35
8K          47:48                              52:43
10K        1:01:56                           1:03:38
Finish:      117 out of 143                not posted yet

Basically, the 2008-2009 series was when I first started out as a runner, and I was training decently hard for a beginner, and running 3-4 days per week.  The 2009-2010 series, I was a huge slacker.  I ran my 15 miler in September, and then running kind of took a back seat.  My best 5k time during training was 26:50is, so you can see my 5k time definitely slipped.  My 8k time sucked this time around, but that's not completely my fault.  That race, there was snow and ice on the whole course, so I ran slower to keep from busting my behind!  The 10k, I really surprised myself this year.  I thought I would be dead by mile 4, trying to run at a decent pace, but I somehow found this burst of energy and maintained my pace till the end.  I just want to say that I ran a 10k this summer that involved horrible hills for most of the run, and finished in 58 minutes, so to finish the winter 10k, which is completely flat in 1:03, is pretty pathetic.  Then again, I try to tell myself that's not so bad considering I have been running less than 10 miles per week up till then!  Not so bad, then, huh? 

Now that the winter series is over and the warm weather is right around the corner, I am getting super excited.  I have a lot of races on my race calendar already through July, and hope to add more.  I want to add a half marathon somewhere in there around June.  I am definitely getting back into it!

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