Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Progressive 5 miler

I ran a moderately tough 5 miler this evening near my house. This guy, Andy, on dailymile, does these progressive runs where each mile he runs is faster than the last. He's an awesome runner and puts in a lot of miles each week. I accidentally did a progressive run last week, and I realized it after I looked at my splits. I just felt very strong during that run and found myself picking up the pace each mile. Today, I did it again. I didn't set out with the goal of a progressive run, but after the second mile I felt like I could do it. It actually makes the run a lot more interesting, as you compete against yourself to beat your last mile. The last mile you run is your fastest, so you end up pushing pretty hard. Here are my splits: 10:31, 10:21, 10:11, 9:59, 9:34.

Total miles: 5.01
Time: 50:41
Ave pace: 10:07
Ave HR: 166
Calories burned: 598

It was hot and muggy outside. I sweat a lot anyways. After the run, I came home and ate a homemade chicken and dumpling crockpot recipe I made. It was quite yummy, but I definitely ate too much. My tummy is very full right now :(

Next run: Wednesday - easy 3 miler and strength training
Total miles this week: 18


  1. Ready for the charleston 15 miler! I chose the WVU season opener instead of the race....hopefully next year!
    Goodluck, you've done the training now your ready!

  2. Look at you speedy! Great job on those negative splits. Chicken and dumplings sounds delish right now.

  3. nice job on the progression run! textbook!

  4. I like the sound of this progressive run. I'll have to give that a try!

  5. That crockpot dish sounds great. Is it healthy? I make big pots of healthy food and then freeze the leftovers for homemade Lean Cuisines.